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Why visit USA?

USA is one of the most visited places in the world. There is great diversity in landscapes and regions including coastlines, Caribbean beaches, desert plains, lakes and mountains. You can visit skyscrapers cities like New York, Washington the capital city, Manhattan. Natural wonders Yellowstone and Alaska, Walt Disney in Orlando, Glamorous casinos in Las Vegas, sunny tropical beaches at Florida, Niagara Falls and Grand Canyon. There are Rocky Mountains and desert plains in Texas and Kansas. The list is endless.

Work Opportunity in U.S.A


USA offers high earning occupations as white collar professionals. We, USA student visa consultants can give International student’s details on campus jobs that allow working 20 hrs per week and earning or getting a tuition fees waiver.

Types of USA Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa for USA is known as B1/B2 visa.

  • B1 visitor visa: B1 visa is for Business Visit
  • B2 visitor visa: B2 visa if for Tourist, family visit or Medical visit

In USA interview is mandatory, once all documents are ready and forms are complete you can book an interview date online. Applicants must carry original documents with them at interview. All applications are online for USA. At interview questions are related to documents and personal circumstances of applicant.

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